New Books, 5/8/18

The Catholic Church and desegregation in the American South.

St. Aelred’s liturgical sermons.

Catholicism and anti-Catholicism in 18th-century Korea.

Hohendahl on the later writings of Carl Schmitt.

Antonia Fraser’s next, on the Irish fight for liberty in the 18th and 19th centuries.

A Catholic family of Confederates in South Carolina.

More South Carolina Catholics during the Confederacy.

The building of Rabbi David Oppenheim’s library.

The development of Cardinal Newman’s ecclesiology.

Missionaries in Bourbon Peru.

A book by Cardinal Nichols.

St. Thomas’s Eucharistic poetry.

Robert Orsi’s History and Presence.

On the diaconate.

Farkasfalvy’s latest on biblical theology.

The impact of Humanae Vitae on American Catholicism.

Pope Benedict XII.

An anthology of the writings of Ven. Fulton J. Sheen.

How Catholic Art saved the Faith.

The life of Rev. Fabian Flynn.

Timothy P. O’Malley’s book on escaping the “hook-up” culture.

A book on the achievement of Nostra Aetate by a “leading scholar”.

Douglas Farrow book on theology, of some sort.

Catholic women, miracles, and politics in Germany, 1918-1945.

St. Thomas and the market economy.

David Mills’s book on dealing with death as Catholics.

The unpublished words of an eminent exorcist.

Selected writings of Ivan Illich.

Catholic writings of Orestes Brownson.

A book on Maurice Blondel.

On Thomas Merton, by a novelist (Mary Gordon).


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