New Books, 9/27/18 pt. 2

Anthony Kaldellis’s latest book, arguing that the Byzantines were ethnically Roman.

New translations of Saint Augustine’s Against the Academics and On the Happy Life.

How the Victorians invented mass entertainment: gin palaces, music halls, seaside resorts and football clubs, pleasure-gardens and international expos.

The early history of Saxon London.

A guide to and history of Virginian beer.

A short history of the Holy Roman Empire.

A complete guide to Spaghetti Western films.

Franco’s air force, on loan from Hitler.

The story of Isaiah Berlin’s relationship with his editor, Henry Hardy.

Robert Louis Wilken’s new book on the Christian origins of religious freedom.

Terry Eagleton’s book on humor.

A biography of Queen Matilda.

How Christian socialism created social democracy.

A new biography of Enoch Powell.

The New Prometheans: Faith, Science, and the Supernatural Mind in the Victorian Fin de Siècle.

A life of Ernest Hemingway.

American mercenaries who fought against the Ottoman Empire.

A history of Anglican exorcism.

The rise and fall of cigarette rations in the military.

The selected letters of S. N. Behrman and his editors at the New Yorker.

The story of John Nicholson, a British Brigadier-General in Delhi and (under the name Nikal Seyn) object of religious devotion.

The displacement and exile of Christian bishops in late antiquity.

American Catholics’ desire for an American saint.

The letters of Flannery O’Connor and Caroline Gordon.

Bedouin culture in the Bible.

The life of Sergei Shchukin, the Russian art collector.

The invention of musical notation in Carolingian Europe.

A biography of eight manuscript pages taken from the Zeytun Gospels, lost in the years following the Armenian genocide.

William Lane Craig’s defense of divine aseity.

The American life of King Edward VIII.

The work of Bruce Springsteen.

Miscarriage in 19th century America.

An intellectual biography of Hermann Cohen.

The latest edition of Merryman and Pérez-Perdomo’s introduction to the civil law tradition.

The ethics of resistance to state injustice.

Ernst Bloch’s book Avicenna and the Aristotelian Left.

The latest in the Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan: The Redemption.

Christian Smith’s critique of atheism.

A history of Lisbon.

Wendy Brown, Peter Gordon, and Max Pensky on authoritarianism.

Why the five-paragraph essay needs to die.

Magdala of Galilee: A Jewish City in the Hellenistic and Roman Period.

The transmission of the story of the adulterous woman from the Gospel of John.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the 20th century.

A walking guide to Manhattan.

A history of Polish literature and culture since 1918.

How ancient peoples thought about robots and artificial life.

An examination of linguistic and ethnoracial categories in the context of Latinidad.

More Agamben.

Bishop Constantine Bohachevsky and the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The life and times of Bertram L. Baker, political boss of Black Brooklyn.


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