New books, 11/21/17

Mary Beard has written a “manifesto” on woman and power.

Jean Tirole, the nobel laureate economist, has written a book about economics and the “common good,” now translated into English.

Caesar is getting the Landmark treatment.

There is now a biography of Steve Bannon.

Vladimir Nabokov’s dream diary.

A positive appraisal of Brutus.

An archaeologist’s book on the origins of the traditional crafts.

Another translation of the Confessions, this one by Peter Constantine.



New Books, 11/9/17

Some big names from the Catholic world: Archbishop Tagle, George Wiegel, and Christopher West (new paperback edition).

A massive, 830-page tome on John Sparrow, the former Warden of All Souls College.

Emily Wilson’s new translation of Homer’s Odyssey.

Nicholas Hardy’s recent book on religious textual critics and controversies in 17th-century Europe.

A “biography” of the man behind Atticus Finch.

Earlier this year, Josiah Ober’s new book on pre-liberal democracy.