New Books, 7/11/18

Max Boot tells us why he “Left” the “Right”.

Adam Sisman has edited another collection of Patrick Leigh Fermor’s letters.

A Christian’s companion to the study of Islam.

Leah Libresco’s book of practical ways to start building the Benedict Option.

A novel about a Dominican priest who is a vampire hunter.

Mr. Mehan’s Mildly Amusing Mythical Mammals.

Brian Phillips’s book of essays.

New Books, 7/6/2018

Selected journalism of Anthony Burgess.

Tucker Carlson says our ruling class is made up of incompetent liberal fools.

Collected essays of Camille Paglia.

Collected essays and lectures of Alfred Brendel.

Huizinga’s Waning of the Middle Ages and Course of Civilizations reissued.

Thomas Molnar’s classic Church and State.

Emily Dickinson’s recipe for black cake.

A study of the birth of Latin literature.

A literary history of the Arabian Nights.

The life of Herman Hesse.

Donna Zuckerberg has written “a disturbing exposé of how today’s alt-right men’s groups use ancient sources to promote a new brand of toxic masculinity online”.

New Books, 7/4/2018

Jesuits and Matriarchs: Domestic Worship in Early Modern China.

John Julius Norwich’s last book, on France.

The death of the New York City Opera, by the WSJ opera critic.

Viking wars in Britain.

The invention of rare books.

Trotsky’s anti-Leninist writings.

Another Sloterdijk critique.

The transformation of the American economy to temp work.

A biography of Henry Clay.

Michael Palin, the Python, has written a book about the Erebus — a ship used to sail to the Antarctic, and to search for the Holy Grail.

Another Python, Eric Idle, has written a memoir.

Lectures and a long-awaited book from Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Prison letters of Nelson Mandela.

Aquinas on emotion’s participation in reason.

The last volume of Remi Brague’s trilogy, in English.

The history of New York City’s water supply.

Analogy after Aquinas.

An author retraces Patrick Leigh Fermor’s trek to Constantinople.

A giant biography of De Gaulle.

A history with colorized photographs.

“How Fascism Works”.

Jesse Norman MP’s new biography of Adam Smith.

The “limits of liberalism”.

A new history of western philosophy.