New Books, 1/30/18

A biography of Alcibiades.

Thomas Piketty’s newest doorstop book on inequality.

Samuel Moyn’s new book about human rights is called “Not Enough,” with a blurb from George Soros.

A book about the pathology of everyday Nazism.

Moses Mendelssohn’s Hebrew writings in English.

GMU professor Bryan Caplan writing against the education system.

A large book examining the Enlightenment’s engagement with Eastern culture.

Seneca, translated.

Another one of those “grand strategy” books, this one about the Habsburg Empire.

A history of Judaism.

Representations of Christ in Asia.

Eric Posner (and coauthor)’s new book about markets.

The story, apparently, of Peter Thiel’s mission to bankrupt Gawker.


New Books, 1/23/18

A translation of Étienne Gilson’s 600-page book on John Duns Scotus, with an Afterword by John Milbank.

Some conversations with Hunter Thompson, a writer whose appeal is lost on me.

An anthology of George Weigel’s essays, to be put out by Ignatius.

Prosopography of 14th-century French bishops.

What looks to be a fun book on early modern Catholic critics of the English (KJV) Bible.

A biography of Archbishop John Hughes, who built St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

A translation of the guide to the use of confession written by Bartolomé de Las Casas.

Forty Reasons I am Catholic by Peter Kreeft.


New books, 1/17/18

A book aiming to reinstall Cicero in the pantheon of political philosophy.

Brian McCall’s book on the classical law tradition.

Flannery O’Connor and her publisher.

Leo Strauss and his Catholic readers.

The works of the Church Fathers in St. Thomas, and his understanding of them.

Kevin Hart’s latest book of poems.

A Thomistic psychology of sin.

Fr. Weinandy’s new book on the Gospels.

Fr. Weinandy’s new book on St. Athanasius.

A family of Spanish conversos.

Roman sources for the history of American Catholicism.

D. C. Schindler’s translation of Homo Abyssus, Ferdinand Ulrich’s Thomistic engagement with modern philosophy.

Late nineteenth-century Celtic nationalism.

St. Maximus the Confessor on difficulties in Sacred Scripture.

Thomas Hobbes’s version of the natural law.

A biography of Lawrence of Brindisi, the leader of the Capuchin mission in Boehmia 1599-1602.

The Aristotelian tradition of natural kinds, and its demise.