New Books, 9/6/19

Margaret Atwood has written an enterprising sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale.

Uncollected letters of Flannery O’Connor and friends.

Richard Berquist’s new introduction to natural law.

A biography of Justice Earl Warren.

Karen Armstrong proposes to rescue the sacred texts of Scripture.

Richard Dawkins… do I need to say what the book is about?

Stanley Fish writes about the first amendment.

Samantha Power, the former US Ambassador to the UN. has written a memoir.

Corey Robin examines the racial beliefs of Justice Clarence Thomas.

A history of philosophy without any gaps: medieval philosophy.

N.T. Wright does natural theology.

Jonathan Sumption argues that judges are too frequently making decisions that should be decided by politics.

Some letters of Vladimir Soloviev.

A new translation of Dante’s¬†Purgatorio by a self-described “fat, spectacled, balding, old Glaswegian pedestrian”.

Massimo Faggioli has written The Liminal Papacy of Pope Francis: Moving Toward Global Catholicity.

Jesuit Biblical Studies After Trent: Franciscus Toletus & Cornelius a Lapide.

The first complete translation into English of Cassiodorus’s Variae.